With broad coverages and added features, our Motorcycle Program appeals to the most knowledgeable and experienced riders.

A motorcycle isn’t your typical vehicle… so go with the specialist!  Our program offered through American Modern includes $3,000 in accessory coverage and a replacement cost option for bikes two model years and newer. Plus, with more options and more discounts than other companies offer that write motorcycles as a “side-line” to their auto portfolios, your customer can have the peace of mind his insurance carrier understands motorcycles and their riders.

  • Full coverage – provides liability, plus collision damage and comprehensive
  • Liability only - available
  • Replacement cost - this is an option for street-driven bikes two model years or newer
  • Accessories option – equipment added to the bike that did not come from the manufacturer
  • Safety apparel option
  • Rental reimbursement damage option
  • Trip reimbursement option– up to $300
  • Towing option - up to $300
  • Transport trailer option

With flexible payment options and expert claims handling, you can depend on South & Western and American Modern to handle your motorcycle customers with hassle free direct billing and claims experts trained specifically on how to adjust your customer’s motorcycle loss. 

  • Direct Bill (Multiple options available)
  • Online quote / issue system
  • Single password (one log on to southandwestern.com is all you need)
  • EFT option
  • Online policy access
  • AL3 download