Liquor Liability & Umbrella

Everyone wants to be the life of the party…until they are over served.  In addition, who do you turn to when your customer needs an extra layer of liability protection? 

South & Western of course!

Providing affordable protection for your customer is what you do.  Let South & Western help.  Whether your customer serves alcohol for a living or is sponsoring a onetime special event, South & Western has a variety of solutions for you to consider.  In addition, when that extra layer of protection is needed for your commercial customers (with or without liquor sales), South & Western can help with a mono-line commercial umbrella policy. 

Liquor Liability:
  • Bars & Restaurants with up to 100% Liquor Sales
  • Assault & Battery Sublimits available on GL & Liquor
  • Caterers
  • Retail Liquor, Package Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Limits up to $1,000,000
  • Monoline or Package
  • Non-Profit Private, Fraternal or Social Clubs
  • Special Event
Commercial Umbrella:
  • Coverage for over 1,400 classes
  • Limits up to $1,000,000
  • A.M. Best "A+" carriers
  • Underlying Coverage from carriers "A-V" or better
  • Commercial & Residential Contractors
  • Apartments & Dwellings acceptable
  • Vacant buildings acceptable

With online rating capabilities, you can obtain a commercial umbrella rate in just a few minutes.  Liquor Liability quotes are as simple as sending our South & Western underwriter an application. 

  • Online Quote and Submission System (Umbrella)
  • Single Password (one login to southandwestern.com is all you need
  • Admitted policies can be issued as direct billed, for others, Premium Financing is available