Collector Car

Our Collector Car program with American Modern is for much more than just “Antique” models… but what else would you expect from "The Specialty Company!"

Actually, in our way of thinking, a collector car could be any private passenger vehicle or truck owned by an individual and used on a limited basis. Proud owners of collector cars show off their "pride and joy" at exhibitions, club activities, parades, or just keep them around for their own leisure use. 

In fact, all of these classifications would qualify for our program (click on class for more information): 

  • Collections valued over $150,000 receive special discounts
  • Car club membership discount
  • A 10% credit applies for membership in an approved club
  • Anti-theft device discounts for alarms, active disabling devices, VIN etching, and electronic vehicle ID systems
  • Full safety glass – No deductible applies if a windshield requires replacement and there is no other vehicle damage.
  • Foreign transport - Extend coverage for vehicles when driven overseas and while in transit

"Antique" - A vehicle manufactured 25 or more years prior to the current model year.

"Classic" - A vehicle manufactured from 20 to 24 years prior to the current model year

"Collectible" - A vehicle manufactured from 15 and 19 years prior to the current model year.

"Custom" - A vehicle originally manufactured from 1949 through the present year. This vehicle has been mechanically and / or cosmetically altered (such as alterations to the chassis, drive train, body and interior) from its original power and structural configurations, but retains its original identity.

"Exotic" - A vehicle manufactured less than 15 years prior to the current model year will continue to appreciate in value. Vehicle models that generally fit into this category include, but are not limited to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, and Porsche.

"Street Rod" - A vehicle originally manufactured prior to to 1949, mechanically and / or cosmetically altered (chassis, drive train, body and / or interior) from its original power and structural configurations, but continues to retain its original identity. Open, "T-Bucket" type street rods are acceptable.

"Kit" - Vehicles rebuilt from a purchased package are eligible when assembled by an experienced and /or professional manufacturer or dealer. They are rated in the "Exotic" category based on the year assembled. Documentation of value and kit manufacturer must be provided.

"Restored Vehicles" - To be eligible, vehicles undergoing restoration must be 80% completed at the time of application. Unrestored vehicles with mileage less than 50,001 will also be eligible.

American Modern offers an agreed value total loss settlement. Before the policy activates, the car owner agrees on the car’s value and insures it for that amount. In the event of a total loss, that agreed upon value is the payout amount. The deductible of course applies, but there is no depreciation and no misunderstanding.  Some other specialty auto policies only offer stated value coverage.  It’s not the same. In fact, it is really just actual cash value coverage with a maximum limit!

  • Nationwide roadside assistance
  • Direct Bill (Multiple options available)
  • Online quote / issue system
  • Single password (on log on to southandwestern.com is all you need)
  • EFT option
  • Online policy access
  • AL3 download