Hi, I'm Brighton, the official mascot for South & Western! As you can see, I am also a golden retriever - that means I'm friendly, intelligent, loyal, eager to please and love to have fun... but I will also roll up my sleeves and get to work when I’m needed. Because I'm a retriever, I love to fetch things. In fact, if you use one of our "rate retrievers" on this website, you'll get a quote faster than a treed squirrel (I'll catch him yet!). After all, that's what I was born to do.

I've been with South & Western quite a while now. You may have seen my picture on South & Western marketing material over the years or even met me in person at one of the South & Western offices.

Be sure to keep up with everything that’s happening around here on my Facebook page! Also, from time to time I show up on South & Western’s LinkedIn page to put up some work day inspiration, and I'm also starring in some commercials on our YouTube page... so take a look there, too. 

 me on Facebook and you'll find out what I'm up to today.