Premium Finance

S&W Premium Finance Company, Inc. offers very competitive interest rates with payment plans tailored to meet the needs of your agency and your clients. 

Our experienced staff keeps Premium Financing simple with friendly service, competitive rates and various features to manange your finance accounts.

  • 24/7 Online access
  • Generate & Email finance quotes
  • Insured or Agent can make payments online
  • Options include credit card and ACH . . . both offering one-time or recurring
  • Check status of accounts
  • View payment history
  • Ability to re-print payment coupons, billing statements, and notices
  • Print agency-specific reports


     If you are looking to make a payment for a policy on behalf of your customer that is financed through S&W Premium Finance, Inc.:

1. Sign in

2. Go to the Accounting / Payment Services tab

3. Select the pink button that reads "S&W Premium Finance Online Payment via Credit Card or ACH"

Insureds /  Policyholders  

     If you want to make a payment to your policy that is financed through S&W Premium Finance, Inc., you can do so from our homepage.