Auto & Umbrella

Farm Auto and Farm Umbrellas can round out your Farm & Ranch customers' needs!

Farms & Ranches are businesses…. So why try and cover their autos and umbrella needs with personal auto and excess policies?  Are you really doing your customer a “service” by saving them some money, but leaving them unprotected for some of the unique exposures on a farm or ranch?  Many typical personal auto and excess policies have gaps when it comes to farm and business exposures.

Farm Auto Program:
  • Personal auto to large grain trucks acceptable
  • On and off road use
  • No age restrictions on vehicles
Umbrella / Excess:
  • A.M. Best "A" Carriers
  • Limits put to $5,000,000

Our farm auto and umbrella / excess policies are direct billed which allows your customer to manage his premium payments just like he does his farming operation.  With A.M. Best “A” admitted companies behind the risk, you can rest assured you are providing what your customer needs. 

  • Direct Bill (Multiple options available)
  • EFT option