Coastal Dwellings & Mobilehome

Writing dwellings and mobile homes with wind coverage shouldn’t be a problem just because it’s in the first or second tier.

When your customer’s home is located along the coast, you really only need to ask yourself one question….will the carrier you selected be there after the storm?  There are plenty of carriers offering wind coverage along the coast for both dwellings and mobile homes at amazingly low rates.  However the real test of any insurance company is after the big storm hits.  How quick will they handle your customer’s claim, will it be fair settlement…will they even be there to pay the claim? Don’t take a chance with your customer’s well-being or your reputation.  Depend on your friends at South & Western to bring you quality options here today…and tomorrow for your customer. 

  • Owner occupied, Season, Rental, Vacant or Contents only available
  • Various deductible options
  • Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost (homes 15 years or newer)
  • PPC 1-10 acceptable
  • Values up to $300,000 for most homes

Getting a quote is hassle free with our “Rate Retrievers”.   When you log into southandwestern.com you have access to online quotes and submissions anytime you are working… not just when the company is open for business!  In addition, South & Western Premium Finance offers installment payments that can be made on-line.

  • Online quote / Submission system
  • Single password (one log-on to www.southandwestern.com)
  • No maps needed, our “Rate Retriever” software will plot the home to determine eligibility
  • No photos required...all homes are inspected
  • Premium Financing available from South & Western Premium Finance Company