Not every Homeowners Risk falls neatly into place . . . that's why South & Western offers several great programs for all your specialty homeowners needs.

Homes are as different as people!  We all don't have 2.5 children and not all homes have 2.5 bathrooms!  Your customers need the flexibility to address homes valued less than $100,000 and those valued over $1,000,000. In addition, just because someone files a claim or two or has a ding on their credit rating, shouldn't disqualify them for homeowners coverage. That's why South & Western has teamed up with several great A.M. Best "A" carriers to provide you with affordable coverage for those customers that have run into a little bad luck. (not available in all states)

  • Owner occupied or seasonal
  • Admitted A.M. Best "A" carriers
  • Various deductible options
  • Up to 4 previous claims
  • Values up to $300,000 for most homes
  • PPC 1-10 acceptable
  • Actual Cash Value, Replacement Cost or Full Repair Cost settlement options

Getting a quick quote for a closing is hassle free with our “Rate Retrievers”.  Issuing a policy in just minutes is simple when you log into southandwestern.com.  All our homeowner programs are admitted and direct billed…so you never need to worry about missing your customer’s renewal. 

  • Direct Bill (multiple options available)
  • Online quote / issue system
  • Single password (one log on to southandwestern.com)
  • EFT options
  • Online policy access
  • AL3 download available
  • No photos required...all homes are inspected